Friday, October 14, 2011

Dear Mr. President

Dear Mr. President,
                Members of the House and Senate
Members of the Local State Governments

For weeks now we have seen the Occupy Movement on Wall Street and we await your support.  We have seen the support you have given to those in Egypt, Syria, Libya and we await your support now here in the United States of America. 
                The Freedom Fighters in the Mid-East became tired of their government suppressing them. These people just got tired of their rights being denied and they wanted a better life for themselves and their children.  Does each and every one of those Freedom Fighters believe the same thing? Do they all agree on the same issues? I’m sure they don’t, yet they united to make a change.  We, the United States of America support their struggle as a People and Government.
Internally, in the United States of America the protesters are considered vulgar.  Inconsequential children that need to get a job.  Drum bangers who are looking for hand outs.  There is a continuous stream of misinformation being given about the Protesters.  Most of which is coming from the Media and our Elected Officials. How many of you have reached out to the “Protesters” looking for information? How many of you are tired of the Media smearing you and the protesters?  How many of you will actually Stand Up and commit to the Movement, even if it might mean you will not longer be an Elected Official next year?
Is your position in the political system more important than the people you serve? This is the question that each and every one of you will need to answer today.  If you sole purpose when you enter the political system was to serve the people, now is the time to return to your roots and do just so. 
Please explain to us how money donated to you from Oil Companies, Investment Banks, The Tobacco and Health Care industry and so on, has helped make this nation and its people better.  Tell us why Religion Zealots from all extremes are calling the shots in Washington and beyond.
I understand a Divided Nation is easier to control.  There are many more people in the middle that just want a functioning Government. The division Government and the Media tries to portrays is far less wide and deep. It is a sad state of affairs when those people we trusted to look after our interest only looks after their own.
                I have to wonder what the people of Egypt, Libya and Syria are thinking right now as they see our Freedom Fighters being arrested, beaten, maced and suppressed.  I’m sure they see that the support the United States Government gives is just in words with very little backing it up.  It is just a sound bite that makes our Politicians have a feel good moment.  The people of the Mid-East are knowingly aware they will see the backs of our Political leaders when their movement doesn’t serve a purpose for our Politicians.
I put forth now to anyone that read this.  Call your Local, State and Federal Elected officials and ask them to take a stand NOW on the issue of the Occupy Movement.  Make them take a Stand.